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Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, your experience is personal.  We understand that. It’s what sets us apart. We have the insider knowledge you need to build an itinerary you can trust.

Our partnership with the First Travel Group (New Zealand’s leading independent travel alliance) gives us exceptional buying power; corporate rates, special airfares, package offers and more. All the benefits of larger travel agents… with a personal touch.

Trip Planning

When it comes to trip planning, experience counts.  The difference between a flawless journey and a fraught one lies in the detail. Our experience gives you the advantage.

As you’d expect from travel consultants, we’re expert in airfare construction, have extensive destination knowledge and access to the widest range of options for flights, accommodation, transfers, conference facilities, entertainment and more.

What makes us different is how we go about designing your travel; getting to know your preferences and sharing the little known secrets that only experience can reveal.

Whether you’re a first time traveller or an experienced hand; no matter if you’re travelling for business, or pleasure, as a group or on your own – we tailor your trip to give you more.

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Holiday Recommendations

These days the world is literally at your fingertips. Choosing where to go and when can be overwhelming. Photographs can only tell you so much. We give you the inside track.

Our holiday recommendations are tailored to you; hot or cold, near or far, wild adventure or total relaxation.  With our insider knowledge, we’ll tell you about the hidden gems in the world’s most exciting destinations as well as those closer to home. 

All of our travel consultants have extensively travelled, and have key connections all over the world.  Connections that mean we know where’s good; not just as it was last year, but now.

Whether you’re intending to holiday alone, as a family or with friends; we’ll design the holiday to surpass everyone’s expectations.

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Business Travel

Business travel needs an expert touch. You need to make the most of your time away – and that’s different for different people. Which is exactly how we give you more value.

As a member of First Travel Group, we can offer corporate rates on domestic and international hotels, facilities, transfers and flights. Whether you’re a business of one or more than 100, we can help you develop a company travel policy, manage your travel spend and oftentimes negotiate corporate airline deals on your behalf.

Most importantly, our experience gets you to where you need to be, ready to get to the business at hand. Whether you’re a seasoned business traveller or entering new territory, we give you the insider knowledge to make your trip infinitely more productive, in every way.

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Cruising has changed dramatically in recent years with more and more opportunities for every budget. We guide you through the options and design an extraordinary experience tailored to you.

Our access to cruises is second to none. All the information is at our fingertips; local, international and exotic.  And if you want to make more of your time away, we can design a range of specially tailored experiences to add on to your cruise package.

More importantly we understand how each cruise line operates and what you can genuinely expect from your voyage. Our travel consultants make sure they fully understand your preferences to help you make the right choice; to meet your budget, satisfy your preferences and create the memories of a lifetime.

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With 240 airlines listed with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) alone, as a bonded member our access means we design the most convenient and money-smart flight plan possible.

As always, your requirements are front of our travel consultants’ minds. Hate waiting in airports? We design the flights to keep you moving faster. Love airport shopping or just want a little more time?  No problem, we can even tell you how to make more of your layovers.

The bottom line, when you fly through us we have everything covered. If something does go wrong, you have our professional backing, 24/7, no matter where you are. It’s part of our peace of mind policy for every client and why many of ours have continued travelling with us over decades.

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Travelling with the right visas makes the difference between being granted entry and being denied; between enjoying an airport layover and spending hours in a transit lounge.  Our expertise has you covered.

Our travel consultants ensure all your visa requirements are met and you have the correct documentation before you set off.  We make the process painless for you – no matter if you’re intending a short hop or a complex series of stays in the furthest flung corners of the globe.

It’s worth remembering that there are usually different visa requirements for leisure and business, and the passport you’re travelling on can make a big difference. Very often we are able to help fast-track your visas, so if you need urgent support talk to us first.

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Emergency Contact

Occasionally when you’re travelling things go wrong.  We give you 24/7 emergency support, no matter what the circumstances - making sure you get the help you need, when you need it.

For our clients it’s the difference between queuing in the airport at the airlines’ discretion and knowing we’re making your new arrangements under urgency, with the additional clout and our insider knowledge to get you to the front of the line, faster.

We include all our emergency documentation with your paperwork, but why not save our emergency details into your phone now – just in case.

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