"Back from Fiji and right back into work but keep forgetting to email you to let you know that your recommendation was superb! The room was lovely and large and everything looked quite new. The bathroom was great too - despite every trip advisor report saying the bathrooms were mouldy and old. That must be in an old part that we never saw.

Would recommend the Waitui Beach Club to anyone who likes a peaceful rest in luxury and without children. The service was amazing and very happy and welcoming. Food was expensive but it is everywhere in Fiji from what we could see and we do need to help their economy :) Wonderful happy hour with lovely canapes and as many cocktails, bubbles, beer, etc as you could drink. My glass was never empty and hardly needed any wine with dinner. Nice to meet people at the happy hour too - most of them seemed to be from Takapuna - hee hee. Around the pool during the day there was no shortage of sun loungers and the staff came around with pineapple, watermelon and pizza at various times - all free - and sometimes an iced tea as well. We had great weather - 29° and only one day of rain so all in all a perfect holiday.

Thanks once again for your recommendation - the best".


“It was one of the best decisions we have made. While much of our company travel demands are regular and straightforward, a significant portion is more complex requiring detailed knowledge and experience of the industry in both planning and execution of arrangements. In particular I have found that we have been able to rely with confidence on recommendations and suggestions from both the principals and staff of Travel Designers Ltd”.

Simon Holdsworth, Thos Holdsworth & Sons

“I would not hesitate in recommending Joanne and Rose, their commitment to their clients is "second to none" and in this day and age it is a rarity to have someone deliver what they promise. The industry demands 24/7 availability and immediate response to emails for last minute arrangements for crew & more importantly owners and guests.”

Jeanette Tobin, Superyacht Support Ltd

“The service we receive from them is truly outstanding. I have had over the years numerous occasions where flights have been cancelled at the last minute (from re-routing because of volcanic ashes to fog or just a simple delayed connection). Regardless of the reason, I have always been able to depend on Rose, Jo and their team to resolve the situation for me - and the rest of us - and they have never let us down. Be it in the middle of the night, weekends or public holidays in New Zealand - which is usually when the trouble happens overseas.”

Patricio Pagani, InfoTools Limited